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Amazing Tours of The Netherlands

Planned Itinerary -- Eurotrail NWC Bike Tour 2015

Thursday, April 23
Departure from the U.S. airport of choice.

Friday, April 24
Arrival in the morning at Schiphol airport. Opportunity to get cash at an ATM machine. A coach will depart around 9:00 AM to the flower auction in Aalsmeer. The coach will return around 11:30 AM to pick up other passengers and then drive to Kinderdijk, where we will see the densest concentration of windmills (17 in total) in the Netherlands and enjoy lunch. The coach will bring us to our hotel in Rotterdam, where we will have an opportunity to take a nap and enjoy a boat tour of the biggest harbor in Europe.

Saturday, April 25
We will bike to Delft, where we will visit the Nieuwe Kerk in the town’s historical center, the burial site of William of Orange and the Royal Family, and eat ‘poffertjes’ for lunch. We will visit the Delft Blue Factory in Delft and then go on to The Hague, where we will see the buildings of Parliament. We will stay in The Hague (23 miles).

Sunday, April 26
We will start the day with an international church service (optional). Afterwards we will bike to the beach of the North Sea in Scheveningen, visit a famous art museum with Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, and the Peace Palace, which is home to the International Court of Justice. We will stay in The Hague (6 miles).

Monday, April 27
On this day all cities and villages of the Netherlands are full of festivities to celebrate the King’s birthday. Most people will dress up in orange clothing. We will enjoy the public feast in all towns and villages we will bike through. We will leave The Hague and bike to Wassenaar (the home town of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima) and via the dunes near the North Sea and the fisherman’s town of Katwijk, we will end up in the Medieval town of Leiden where we will enjoy a city tour. We will stay in Leiden (19 miles).

Tuesday, April 28
From Leiden we will bike along rivers and lakes and through the fields of blooming tulips to the Keukenhof Gardens, where 7 million flower bulbs, 2,700 trees, floral displays in the park and unique flower shows in the various pavilions are a glorious visual feast and provide many photo opportunities. Afterwards, we will bike to Haarlem, where we will visit an art museum (25 miles).

Wednesday, April 29
We will visit the Corrie ten Boom house in Haarlem and then hop on our bikes to see some typical Dutch country side with windmills, wooden green houses, canals and ferries. We will visit the Zaansche Schans, an open-air museum with authentic windmills, shops and houses. We will bike through a wet nature area to Amsterdam, where we will stay the night (26 miles).

Thursday, April 30
We will spend the day in Amsterdam, seeing a number of museums (Rijksmuseum, Maritime Museum, Anne Frank House, etc.), the Beguine Court and enjoy a boat tour through the canals. Participants who missed out on the flower auction in Aalsmeer on their day of arrival, can join a tour early in the morning to this auction. At night we will enjoy an authentic Indonesian rice table dinner.

Friday, May 1
We will bike all through Amsterdam, seeing all the new additions to the town and enjoy its urban history. We will follow rivers and bike through quaint villages until we get to the winding River Vecht between Amsterdam and Utrecht, lined with imposing mansions, country houses and tearooms. Rich merchants from the Golden Age once spent their summer months here. We will spend the night in the Medieval city of Utrecht (26 miles).

Saturday, May 2
We will spend the day in Utrecht, to see the town and its museums and enjoy its shopping opportunities. We will take a bus to our hotel near Schiphol. On the way we can stop in interesting towns like Gouda, depending on the preferences of our participants.

Sunday, May 3
Day of departure. Transportation from the hotel to the airport is available beginning at 6am.